Monday, February 28, 2011


February 28, 202 BC - coronation ceremony of Liu Bang as Emperor Gaozu of Han takes place, initiating four centuries of the Han Dynasty's rule over China
February 28, 1997 - the first of many daily morning walks with my grandfather
February 28, 2008 - finished my 4th annual portrait of my grandfather since his passing
February 28, 2011 - got my grandfather's calligraphy signature and seal (family name) as an everlasting memory

homie Pavel working like a G on my thin little wrists. sick artist on and off the skin.


almost done.

about to go out and paint with sleezy and eating chipotle (buy one get one free :D) and got the ginseng my mom sent me..... i hate ginseng :( but its good for me haha mama knows best

Sunday, February 27, 2011


An Ode to the Laziness of My Roommates and Me
Who has left the roll unhooked again? Not I proclaimed Brian. Not I proclaimed Kevin. Not I proclaimed Andrew. And it remains so.
Who has left the pile of dishes unwashed? Not I proclaimed Brian. Not I proclaimed Kevin. Not I proclaimed Andrew. And it remains so.
Who has eaten my Chinese take-out leftovers? Not I proclaimed Brian. Not I proclaimed Kevin. One of you is a liar. >:(

John, Sam and I (the white square cause of the flash)
A.K.A. JSA, the world's greatest Korean American boy band. I would show you some of the music videos we made, but one of the members is against this vehemently. P.S. Sam looks like a little bunny in this pic :D

What is Oakland like at 3 A.M.? Dark, lonely, and buses with no drivers or passengers.

painting club, working til 4 a.m. doing our thangggg
We all brought an assortment of some random snacks. A 6 pack of Pale Ale, fancy truffles, milk chocolate bars, chocolate chip cookies, bananas, and trident gum.

one of my students, tyreke, at the Jr. High I teach at. Quiet, and lovable and I like talking to him.

Alante, nuff said.

Garrett, make this your profile picture... please.


My phones been broken the last couple days after a new update from Verizon so I haven't been able to upload any of my photos, but finally got it to work after roaming around every damn Samsung Galaxy S forum available on the internet. So this is going to be a long ass post of everything thats been happening haha.

Professional Gallery:
caught this awesome photo of a guy about to cross on my way to a galley on Geary St.

shiny doggy. jeff koons.

damien hirst. gots to be one of my favorite artists.

you're not allowed to take photos in here but took a photo of the gallery curator right in front of him. haha

CCA Gallery:

i am disappoint.

matt berg's stuff, as sick as always.

i don't remember the artist's name, but she has a really big smile all the time and had a bunch of these beautiful models.


tai. pimpin as usual.

Some art I been working on:

my weapons.

painting club is still going and we have gotten a surprising amount of members already! Over 20 and going. I get goosebumps thinking about what an awesome difference we are going to make. i also decided i want to have more writing in my posts so definitely going to spend more time on my next one. lollll im tired. take it easy

Sunday, February 20, 2011


unfortunately, another post for two days. good to know that people are still checking out the blog regardless of the daily posts. :D weekends really suck. my week is so full and busy that i usually just crash during the weekends and everything is pretty much a blur. i actually look forward to the week rather then the weekends haha. I got into an argument with this girl and her little sister in line at safeway last night. i overheard her saying that they are going to watch Resident Evil and that it was the best horror movie ever. Couldn't believe my ears, I had to take her to that ghetto university. hahaaa

homies andrew ortiz and michael kang battling in an art gallery. doesnt get any sicker than that.

the power went out in the safeway. they wanted the customers to go out but i lingered around in the darkness taking pictures until they caught me and kicked me out lol

i found it funny how all the stores in the oakland shopping center lost power except the bank.

sup. here's a little treat.

also, a reminder, painting club is still going on and if you're down, just message me your emails please. we already got 10 members :D :D :D to break it down, we are gonna hit up art shows around the bay, hire private models for our own sessions and just work and build off of each other.

Friday, February 18, 2011


My bad about the late posts you guys. Been painting at the studios wayyyy too much and keep forgetting to come home. lol. anyways here's another mega post to make up for yesterday and today. i'm going to make a real effort to make a daily post from now on. wish me luck.

it was really rainy today. :( I got soaked.

so yea. I basically have the funest class in the world. There's my teacher Raymond Saunders. He is pretty much made of awesome from head to toe. Every week we eat awesome food whether it is a fancy restaurant or cooked meals inside the class. And the woman picking up the umbrella is Ms. Light, singer of the pop band The Lovemakers. She was the model for today. She was complaining about how she always loses her pick and i suggested getting a pick slot to stick on her guitar. She went ahead and called me a dork, but guess who found the pick that she left behind?

that's right me. so who's the dork now? ...well, i guess.. nevermind. haha she started her own solo band and played us songs on her guitar. pretty amazing. i'm going to return it to her with a pick holder lmao.

this here is my boy Pat. i taught him how to spray paint today and he is a damn natural. He is also vice president to the painting/drawing club i'm starting. If you are interested in joining please message me your email address on facebook :D

it's getting better :) :) :)

to the idiot who is using my spray paint to graffiti around the painting studios. i don't mind if you use it for your art, but i'm the only one who has this color so.. yea. would be great if you can stop cause all of public safety knows me now as the crazy asian kid who paints all night.

so yea.. it was a full day. anddddddddddddddddd life is just so busy. but its awesome that way. if you are interested in painting club, remember to message me your email address or just show up on wednesday at 10 at the painting studios. its going to be a bucket full of fun. I wanted to add more to the post, but i am about to pass out as i type this so, good night everybody and hope you're all doing well

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Why didn't I post a post yesterday? because i never got to go home. I was painting late into the night at the Oakland campus studios and packing up and getting ready to go home around 1 when I realized I brought the wrong keys. I immediately spammed Kevin and Brian's phone but nothing wakes up those two. It was pouring pretty hard and I knew I had no choice but to suck it up and painting all night. It was cold, it was brutal, and nothing was working. I got paint on my shoes, my hat, my face, my boxers, my body, my pants, my jacket, my phone, and finally at 7 in the morning I had a breakthrough in my painting. And I was able to get in contact with one of my friends who lives in my apartment complex (thanks Brian. my bad for waking you up). So to make up for yesterday's missed blog and fill in today's, I will spam some photos of the night of living hell.

so here is me wishing i was never born.

i am really dirty when i paint. :/ i'm going to die of oil painting poisoning one day
paint errrrverywheree

detail of my latest painting in progress..
mucho fun

oh and almost forgot. lmao never got around to finishing it, but this was the picture i was going to post up on valentines day. haha well whatever, its over.

have a good week you guys. and if you see me, please tell me how much i smell and look gross and that i'm overdoing it even for an art student because i need some encouragement to really clean myself. lolll :)

Edit: The painting title is "i want you to see all of the lights" btw

Monday, February 14, 2011


so, copped out for another day and didn't get around to editing the picture that was planned for yesterday. but, on the other hand here's my painting in progress eating some amazing pizza delivered to me by michael kang and larry kim. thanks you guys for the valentines surprise. i got butterflies. decided to change the face. i like this one a lot better don't you think? :)


so, I had another picture prepared for this day but spent a lot of time in the painting studios today and never got around to finishing editing. i was going to finish this painting in time for valentines day and share it with you guys then but decided to show this one today and the picture i originally had for today tomorrow. lmao that was so wordy. i don't know why i always feel like i have to thoroughly explain myself. anyways since its technically valentines day, happy valentines day! and i hope you guys have a good one :)

Edit: wow completely forgot to leave an explanation of the piece in progress. soo i titled it "The Raspberry," inspired by "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt. I wanted to make it modern and a reflection on relationships today. hope you like it :) i'll make sure i post up the finished product later

Saturday, February 12, 2011


so, made it right before 12 o clock the next day! :D keeping true to myself. well anyways, I thought it would be nice for the next couple of days to start a series on couples since valentines day is right around the corner. enjoy! i didn't really have some amazing adventure to get this shot but it turned out really cool.

Friday, February 11, 2011


meet Robert aka Bob. US Army veteran. Honorable discharge.
For a living? uses these aluminum wires to create small intricate sculptures that sells for $5-$7 each depending on the size. as much as I wanted to buy one, I didn't have much cash on me, so as messed up as this sounds, I haggled and was able to get one for $3. I promised him though that if I ever saw him around, I'll make sure to get him what I owe him. He was chill about it, told me about his love for music but needed money so he joined the army. I haven't been to San Francisco for a really long time and forgot how much beauty is in this city. And I so happened to catch her good day with not a single cloud in the sky. Just to express how beautiful it was, I want to throw in another picture. I know everyone has seen San Francisco and everything but cmon, how do you say "eh, seen that before" to this.