Sunday, February 27, 2011


My phones been broken the last couple days after a new update from Verizon so I haven't been able to upload any of my photos, but finally got it to work after roaming around every damn Samsung Galaxy S forum available on the internet. So this is going to be a long ass post of everything thats been happening haha.

Professional Gallery:
caught this awesome photo of a guy about to cross on my way to a galley on Geary St.

shiny doggy. jeff koons.

damien hirst. gots to be one of my favorite artists.

you're not allowed to take photos in here but took a photo of the gallery curator right in front of him. haha

CCA Gallery:

i am disappoint.

matt berg's stuff, as sick as always.

i don't remember the artist's name, but she has a really big smile all the time and had a bunch of these beautiful models.


tai. pimpin as usual.

Some art I been working on:

my weapons.

painting club is still going and we have gotten a surprising amount of members already! Over 20 and going. I get goosebumps thinking about what an awesome difference we are going to make. i also decided i want to have more writing in my posts so definitely going to spend more time on my next one. lollll im tired. take it easy


  1. Thanks for sharing your blog, and I had to laugh!

    Love the energy in your work.

    The NAHS has an art exhibit at the CalArts Library this year. Wish you were here to see it.

  2. what a rebel! taking a photo in front of the guy, lol. hmm, i just updated my vibrant with froyo 2 days ago!! i somehow thought it would make everything look different but it did NOT! i was so disappointed.

  3. @cindy
    Thanks Ms. Pharis! And it's really good to hear that NAHS is still alive and kicking. I'm trying hard to go back home this spring break and since Valencia high is still in session during that time, I will definitely stop by! :)

    oh yea, that's me all right. I break all them rules. hahaha jk at first when i read froyo, i read it as frozen yogurt and sat there confused for a bit. yeaaa i thought the new update was going to add flash to the browser but i didn't :/ and hi! i'm andrew btw :)