Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Why didn't I post a post yesterday? because i never got to go home. I was painting late into the night at the Oakland campus studios and packing up and getting ready to go home around 1 when I realized I brought the wrong keys. I immediately spammed Kevin and Brian's phone but nothing wakes up those two. It was pouring pretty hard and I knew I had no choice but to suck it up and painting all night. It was cold, it was brutal, and nothing was working. I got paint on my shoes, my hat, my face, my boxers, my body, my pants, my jacket, my phone, and finally at 7 in the morning I had a breakthrough in my painting. And I was able to get in contact with one of my friends who lives in my apartment complex (thanks Brian. my bad for waking you up). So to make up for yesterday's missed blog and fill in today's, I will spam some photos of the night of living hell.

so here is me wishing i was never born.

i am really dirty when i paint. :/ i'm going to die of oil painting poisoning one day
paint errrrverywheree

detail of my latest painting in progress..
mucho fun

oh and almost forgot. lmao never got around to finishing it, but this was the picture i was going to post up on valentines day. haha well whatever, its over.

have a good week you guys. and if you see me, please tell me how much i smell and look gross and that i'm overdoing it even for an art student because i need some encouragement to really clean myself. lolll :)

Edit: The painting title is "i want you to see all of the lights" btw

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