Sunday, February 20, 2011


unfortunately, another post for two days. good to know that people are still checking out the blog regardless of the daily posts. :D weekends really suck. my week is so full and busy that i usually just crash during the weekends and everything is pretty much a blur. i actually look forward to the week rather then the weekends haha. I got into an argument with this girl and her little sister in line at safeway last night. i overheard her saying that they are going to watch Resident Evil and that it was the best horror movie ever. Couldn't believe my ears, I had to take her to that ghetto university. hahaaa

homies andrew ortiz and michael kang battling in an art gallery. doesnt get any sicker than that.

the power went out in the safeway. they wanted the customers to go out but i lingered around in the darkness taking pictures until they caught me and kicked me out lol

i found it funny how all the stores in the oakland shopping center lost power except the bank.

sup. here's a little treat.

also, a reminder, painting club is still going on and if you're down, just message me your emails please. we already got 10 members :D :D :D to break it down, we are gonna hit up art shows around the bay, hire private models for our own sessions and just work and build off of each other.

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