Friday, February 18, 2011


My bad about the late posts you guys. Been painting at the studios wayyyy too much and keep forgetting to come home. lol. anyways here's another mega post to make up for yesterday and today. i'm going to make a real effort to make a daily post from now on. wish me luck.

it was really rainy today. :( I got soaked.

so yea. I basically have the funest class in the world. There's my teacher Raymond Saunders. He is pretty much made of awesome from head to toe. Every week we eat awesome food whether it is a fancy restaurant or cooked meals inside the class. And the woman picking up the umbrella is Ms. Light, singer of the pop band The Lovemakers. She was the model for today. She was complaining about how she always loses her pick and i suggested getting a pick slot to stick on her guitar. She went ahead and called me a dork, but guess who found the pick that she left behind?

that's right me. so who's the dork now? ...well, i guess.. nevermind. haha she started her own solo band and played us songs on her guitar. pretty amazing. i'm going to return it to her with a pick holder lmao.

this here is my boy Pat. i taught him how to spray paint today and he is a damn natural. He is also vice president to the painting/drawing club i'm starting. If you are interested in joining please message me your email address on facebook :D

it's getting better :) :) :)

to the idiot who is using my spray paint to graffiti around the painting studios. i don't mind if you use it for your art, but i'm the only one who has this color so.. yea. would be great if you can stop cause all of public safety knows me now as the crazy asian kid who paints all night.

so yea.. it was a full day. anddddddddddddddddd life is just so busy. but its awesome that way. if you are interested in painting club, remember to message me your email address or just show up on wednesday at 10 at the painting studios. its going to be a bucket full of fun. I wanted to add more to the post, but i am about to pass out as i type this so, good night everybody and hope you're all doing well

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