Saturday, September 29, 2012


 a detail of some paintings

 looks so delicious. just eat it up up up (no, don't do that. you would die)
 the mask i put on before i paint. just kidding. it sucks to breathe in that thing. no wonder darth vader was such a mean guy
 a painting i painted for myself. makes me happy whenever i look at it
 what do i do with all these paintings?!?!

moved into a new painting space in the laundry room in the back with mike. took some interesting pictures of the placement of our paintings during the moving process. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


school's out
good bye studio #18
 how do you know you are at an art school?
you look at their garbage
ended the semester with a dinner with friends at ruth's chris steakhouse. those were my glorious fries. 

Monday, May 21, 2012


a tribute to the los angeles clippers

There has been some bogus trades. There were patterns of betrayal and greed. Time after time, a fan's faith was in disappoint. $3 million racial related lawsuits for the owner. $5 million petty desertion of our ex-leader to the '06 playoffs. A veteran coach fired and his contract, violated without warning. Number one draft pick injured three days before the season. Lies told to our team veterans and betrayed. Our owner heckling our overrated, overpaid point guard "B. Diddy" on live television. We were L.A.'s shadow, the butt of every joke, the ones who gave out free calenders and bumper stickers. 

And then, a recovery. 214 dunks in 2010 to 2011. A tremendous addition, C3PO. A goodbye to some old friends. A welcoming of a young coach with little experience. A new general manager who actually has new ideas. The first winning season in six years. A beginning of something different. A path to something uncertain. A journey which the ends will justify the means. The spoils of the our victory will taste sweeter than any previous winner. 

Congratulations on the first step. 


Thursday, March 24, 2011


Legion of Honor

"The Thinkers" lol

No photos allowed? Pretend to look for signal on your phone :D

Probably the most epically lighted statue I ever seen.

Her face scared the crap out of me. I swear her eyes were following me around the gallery.

I found a really neat trick on making my hands stay still filming on my phone!

Lower/Upper Haight

After reading this, I went inside expecting some sick street art. Instead I found this on their walls:

this was in some random incense store... makes no sense but the entire thing was carved in wood o.o

A fake sunglass and hat shop with a grass lawn as their floor lol

And mr. panda says have a nice day :)


One man's trash....

is an artist's gold mine.

Photo credits to Marcus Lee.
The craziest Chinese man alive.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Why I Barely Got to Paint Today

I was pulling a jackson pollock...

and kicked over my bucket of paint while dancing to "Club Can't Handle Me Right Now"..

I'm going to need a bigger brush.

Sunday, March 20, 2011



I call this piece: Snow White Walking Through a Blizzard

Bus to Rockridge Bart: $2.00
Bart to Utrecht: $3.10
Realizing you can't afford the paint set you went there for: Priceless

zack: I'm really sorry I gotta do this.
me: (covers eyes and turns away) do what you have to do :(

So I came up with two new inventions today!
1. I bought those HD Vision Sunglasses at CVS Pharmacy (the ones seen on TV where it clarifies vision and enhances color :D) and placed them on top of my glasses in a way where if I look down on my palette it will be normal color and when I look up at my painting, I can identify the composition and contrast better!
2. I bought a long stake meant for helping small trees grow and taped my brush to the end of it so I can look far away on my large paintings but paint at the same time :)

But apparently, the cost of such cleverness is looking like a "crazy art dork."