Friday, February 11, 2011


meet Robert aka Bob. US Army veteran. Honorable discharge.
For a living? uses these aluminum wires to create small intricate sculptures that sells for $5-$7 each depending on the size. as much as I wanted to buy one, I didn't have much cash on me, so as messed up as this sounds, I haggled and was able to get one for $3. I promised him though that if I ever saw him around, I'll make sure to get him what I owe him. He was chill about it, told me about his love for music but needed money so he joined the army. I haven't been to San Francisco for a really long time and forgot how much beauty is in this city. And I so happened to catch her good day with not a single cloud in the sky. Just to express how beautiful it was, I want to throw in another picture. I know everyone has seen San Francisco and everything but cmon, how do you say "eh, seen that before" to this.

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