Saturday, March 12, 2011


my first art show :)
i wish my mom was able to make it. she deserves 99% of the credit.
justin lum spinning some tables.

dedicated to my grandfather, without him, there would be no art in my life.
"the raspberry" inspired by gustav klimt* (thank you to reddit user "heymister" for pointing out the type)
"all of the lights"
my favorite piece from cameron van loos.

set up my grandfather's calligraphy set so people can make some art.
this man needs no introduction.
made my year.

freaken marcus. haha my painting bro.
thank you to all my friends who showed up for support. :)

soi four after the show. hands down best thai food in the bay.

thank you to my mom who made everything in my life possible and never once doubted me, larry (my future manager) for always believing in me, wendie and christine for taking these amazing pictures, michael kang for always being there listening to whatever i had to say no matter how crazy it was, john kim who always knew how to keep my brain sane and continues to inspire me to this day, marcus lee who always knows how to put a smile on my face and whose determination pushes me further, to all my friends who attended the show, cameron van loos whos been my partner throughout this entire ordeal, the entire "Les Nabis" painting club who made me believe in the beauty and power of art, and i know there is so many of you guys out there i should mention but i gotta run to the painting studio and do some more art but you know who you are :D. all glory be to God.

have a good week you guys.


  1. congratsssss! you are so talented as always. wish we were there!
    I'm gonna link your blog to mine.

    xoxo, angela and stella

  2. dude these are fucking amazing man

  3. Fantastic, Andrew! Your work brings tears to my eyes!

  4. So amazing! Keep posting so I can see what you are up to! :)

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