Monday, May 21, 2012


a tribute to the los angeles clippers

There has been some bogus trades. There were patterns of betrayal and greed. Time after time, a fan's faith was in disappoint. $3 million racial related lawsuits for the owner. $5 million petty desertion of our ex-leader to the '06 playoffs. A veteran coach fired and his contract, violated without warning. Number one draft pick injured three days before the season. Lies told to our team veterans and betrayed. Our owner heckling our overrated, overpaid point guard "B. Diddy" on live television. We were L.A.'s shadow, the butt of every joke, the ones who gave out free calenders and bumper stickers. 

And then, a recovery. 214 dunks in 2010 to 2011. A tremendous addition, C3PO. A goodbye to some old friends. A welcoming of a young coach with little experience. A new general manager who actually has new ideas. The first winning season in six years. A beginning of something different. A path to something uncertain. A journey which the ends will justify the means. The spoils of the our victory will taste sweeter than any previous winner. 

Congratulations on the first step. 


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