Sunday, March 20, 2011



I call this piece: Snow White Walking Through a Blizzard

Bus to Rockridge Bart: $2.00
Bart to Utrecht: $3.10
Realizing you can't afford the paint set you went there for: Priceless

zack: I'm really sorry I gotta do this.
me: (covers eyes and turns away) do what you have to do :(

So I came up with two new inventions today!
1. I bought those HD Vision Sunglasses at CVS Pharmacy (the ones seen on TV where it clarifies vision and enhances color :D) and placed them on top of my glasses in a way where if I look down on my palette it will be normal color and when I look up at my painting, I can identify the composition and contrast better!
2. I bought a long stake meant for helping small trees grow and taped my brush to the end of it so I can look far away on my large paintings but paint at the same time :)

But apparently, the cost of such cleverness is looking like a "crazy art dork."


  1. if you want to do anything of worth, you have to be a fanatic-

    keep up the great work

  2. Thanks man. Being fanatic is what I do best lol