Wednesday, March 2, 2011


so a few students of mine walk the same way i do to get home. they really liked my paintings and so i asked if they wanted to stop by the studio i work at and check out my stuff in person. they got excited but along the way, i asked if they knew the cat daddy... long story short. it was time to du-du-du-du-du-duel.

Edit: Had to delete videos and photos :/
(i'll rotate video as soon as i figure out how)

we were making a scene so i told them to finish the battle at the studios. unfortunately, they insisted on having music so i couldnt film while cat daddy was on. i told them i'll paint the winner a paint lil wayne on this canvas (their favorite rapper).

the winner was mosby, the guy in the middle crouched. haha so im going to give him dr. carters mug shot in oil next week. the one at the left is miller aka tyrone and the one on the right is marquez.

dedicated to jonathan chae, the biggest cat daddy fan i know.

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